In a Drupal view, I have a button in place that allows the user to export the current view to an Excel (XLS) download (utilizing views_data_export module functionality). That download is expected to be around 3,500 rows, with 39 columns. I just noticed that trying to hit that button for the download results in (almost exactly 30 seconds later) an error I hadn't seen before: "Server Hangup".

This blog (the one where you're reading this text) was originally published with Drupal 5.  I've been exploring ways to upgrade all the way to Drupal 7, now that it's out and available, but had been struggling with an easy way to get my old 'blog' entries moved over... there wasn't a lot there (something like 66 entries), but some of them still get click-throughs once in a while, and I hate to just 'give up' on a challenge like that.