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I've had trouble mounting SMB/CIFS External Storage recently in OwnCloud (currently version 9.1). External storage mounts have always been flaky in OwnCloud, but this time I think I found a solid solution.

From my Windows 7 machine, I've consistently been able to connect via SSH (using Putty) to two different Linux servers. A few weeks ago, one of them stopped responding to connection attempts. Putty would just sit there with a black screen and eventually time out. Troubleshooting attempts:

  • It wasn't a local outgoing firewall (or Windows 7) problem, because I could still connect to other OpenSSH servers
  • It wasn't a problem with the OpenSSH server itself, because I could SSH to one server, and then SSH from there to the 'problem' server. 


My home server, which happily houses 8 years of kids' photos, all our 'shared' files, music, etc...had a hard drive failure over the past few weeks.  I finally got around to replacing the drive, which required me to dive into the use of mdadm deeper than I had before.  In the end, it was all good.