It seems like about twice a month that I receive an email from a friend or client with nothing but a link to a .cz, .ru or other questionable site.  So far, every one of these has been a mass email from their account (sent to all their contacts) after their account password has been compromised.  My guess is that some malware takes hold in the machine, captures their password the next time they log in to (usually Yahoo) email, and uses an API after that to send out spam with the newly-acquired credentials.

It's time to sell my bike, so rather than keep posting this same information all over the place, I'll list it all here, one time, and link back to it.  For Sale is a 2007 Suzuki SV650 (naked, not the 'S' model), with about 14,700 miles on it.  I'm asking $3,900.  It's a GREAT learner bike; very quick, light weight, and agile.  Small enough to learn on, but large enough to be fun (and useful) for a more experienced rider.  Fuel injection is a very nice plus.

Another sports season is complete.  The 6th grade team for Roscommon had some fun, won a few games here and there, and learned a lot along the way.  I'm really impressed with some of the player growth I see from the season opener to now.  Nice work, Bucks!

For less than $10, I bought a USB bluetooth dongle for my laptop.  Ubuntu recognized it right away as a bluetooth radio and started using it.  For a test, I paired my laptop with my Android phone, which was also easy and flawless.  What I didn't expect was that immediately after the pairing, a dialog popped up on the laptop telling me about a new network that had been detected.  The system automatically uses the Android Internet connection (cell data) without any effort on my part.  Sweet!  Bottom line.

My home server, which happily houses 8 years of kids' photos, all our 'shared' files, music, etc...had a hard drive failure over the past few weeks.  I finally got around to replacing the drive, which required me to dive into the use of mdadm deeper than I had before.  In the end, it was all good.


‎"Every community has problems. If you live in a great one, it's because your neighbors volunteer their time, beyond their regular responsibilities, to make it great. If you don't volunteer yourself, you're one of the problems."

One of our Droid X phone's had a problem yesterday, where it wouldn't respond to anything.  On shutdown/reboot, it got stuck at the red Motorola logo and wouldn't move past it...even after being on the charger for 10 hours.  I started looking closely at the phone, and noticed that the buttons along the bottom didn't feel like they were 'clicking' when pressed...they gave no response at all, like they were part of the case instead.  I started 'flicking' at the edge of the buttons with my fingernail, and got them to pop back into place.

I can't believe these guys are still successful, even rarely.   

Dear customer!

Transaction: Mastercard 67793_7hODl

For whatever combination of reasons, I haven't had any good luck in cloning Windows XP installations to a new, larger drive.  It just has never worked for me until today (sort of).  I want to document my success in copying a Win XP Pro installation from a 10gb VirtualBox VDI to a 30gb VirtualBox VDI.  It's not the same as moving Windows to a 'real' disk, but it's better than anything else I've been able to do so far.  

  1. Create the new, bigger hdd (vdi file) in VirtualBox.  I did this as part of creating a whole new Virtual Machine.  

My responses to the RAPS board candidate questionnaire sent via mail from the Houghton Lake Resorter.  Name: John E. BowenAge: 37 yearsTelephone Number: withheld from online articleLength of Residence in District: 11 years Length of time served on this or other boards:

  • Cub Scout Pack 3944 Committee: 2005-2009 - committee member (4 years), treasurer (3 years)
  • Roscommon North Youth Soccer Association (RNYSA): 2006-2009, 2010-present - President (4 years+)


At the Request of the Roscommon Education Association, I've provided the following answers (the questions were sent to me via regular mail by the REA).1. As you view Roscommon Area Public Schools, what do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the K-12 program? What would you do to maintain and improve the strengths? How would you address the weaknesses? I’ll start this response with a disclaimer. While I do have a handful of questions for which I would like answers, I’m also aware that some of my questions stem directly from a lack of understanding on my part.