Configure Local Development environment (Netbeans) for php (Drupal) debugging

I have several Drupal (php/mysql) sites in production, and several more on my local development machine. I've had plenty of experience moving sites from the dev machine to a production server, but recently ran into a different problem. I needed to move an exact copy of a production Drupal 5 site to the local machine (running the XAMPP stack), and be able to debug the code to find a problem with a specific Drupal module. Here is the path I followed:

Using 'foremost' to recover deleted files

I have [a program for recovering deleted files|] from a Windows-based PC, but it only runs when you can boot into Windows. This works pretty well, but if you're trying to recover files from the drive Windows is mounted on, you risk losing over-writing files (while booting into the OS) before you get a chance to recover them. Plus, it cost money to license it, so there has to be a better way...

Which browser is for you?

If you've been browsing the Internet for long, you're probably familiar with Internet Explorer, the web browser bundled with every Microsoft Windows installation. IE, as it's called, is a very popular browser, though some would argue it's popular only because of that bundling.

Did you know there are plenty of other web browsers out there, and that many of them can beat IE in important areas like security, speed, and features? The most popular browsers are free for you to download and install, and will integrate into your Windows computer seamlessly.

The Septic's Companion

OK, so I've already posted about this on FaceBook, and I'm sure I had something about it 2 years ago on my (old) blog, but Chris Rae has a really funny book out that compares the American definition of various words to their British counterparts.

Here's the link...if you go check out the site, you can get a very good sample of Chris' writing style and sense of humor, without paying a penny.

Faxing by Email

With (especially business) users on the go more and more, we're finding ourselves less tied to a 'real' office environment. One of the classic tie-downs, though, is the fax machine. Still a useful tool, is there any way to keep the convenience of a fax, but take advantage of new technology and cut the ties to the office? If not, this would be a short article; read on for an explanation and example:

IMAP vs. POP mail accounts

More and more users are taking their email on the road with connected devices (i.e. Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile phones), so staying connected is easier than ever. It can get a little complicated, though, if your mail account isn't set up properly for your growing needs. If you're struggling because some of your email is *only* available at your desk, and some of it is *only* available only on your phone, read on for (hopefully) some help...

Small issue with eeePC dial-up over Palm Treo 755p

In [a previous post|blog/20080828/tethered-dialup-with-eeepc-palm-755p-and-alltel], I wrote about setting up a tethered dial-up connection using a Palm Treo 755p and an eeePC.

It seems that during the upgrade process from Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) to 8.10 (Intrepid), something changed in the networking modules and broke this...a little bit.

A wiki-markup style url filter for Drupal 5

Since I started using [Atlassian's Confluence|] in a few projects, I find myself wanting to type in wiki markup everywhere. I especially like being able to create links like this:

[Title of url|url of link]

Using this markup, you can type something like this:
[John's Blog and Stuff|]

...and get this:
[John's Blog and Stuff|]

Cron.daily scripts that don't run on Ubuntu

I found a really nice script that backs up all my MySql databases on a rotation, and generally provides insurance against database crashes and the like. I followed the instructions given, popping my copy of the script into /etc/cron.daily, and double-checking the permissions. The only change I had to make to get the script to run properly was to set #!/bin/sh at the beginning of the file...after that, I could run it *manually* all I wanted. Neato.

test post from email

I'm trying to use email (the Mailhandler module) to post to news items to this (Drupal) blog. So far, I've been able to get a post to show up, but now it can't be edited (or removed), and it's format is a little odd on the page.

Does this one do the same thing?


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