Sending Email to Outlook Groups from a Mobile Device

I haven't found a way to make my email 'groups' from Outlook available on a mobile device (Android phone). I've tried several email clients, but none of them brings in the groups I use frequently in Outlook.

Recently, I came up with a workaround, using Outlook rules. Essentially, I can set up a rule with the following criteria:

  • Sent from my account
  • Sent to my account

    I almost never send mail to myself, so this works. If you routinely cc: yourself, you may need to be careful here.

  • With Specific Words in the Body

    I use the same greeting for most messages to these groups, so this works for me. For example, if you can live with starting every message to your staff with "Team,", that will work. You could also bury a code word at the end of your message (e.g. #forwardThis), I suppose.

  • Redirect it to people or public group

    Just type in the addresses for the people in that group.

Because there's nothing happening client-side, this rule runs on the Exchange Server - so Outlook doesn't need to be open on my PC.

Be Careful!

One thing that tripped me up on this is the fact that most of the email I send (even from my phone) is formatted as HTML. When Outlook's rules engine scans the body text of messages, it doesn't see sees plain text.

This is a problem if your Specific Words from the rule contain characters like the apostrophe ('). The 'curly' apostrophe you see in HTML documents can be different, technically, than the 'straight' one you'll find in plain text.


2016-11-15, 10:11 am

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