Recovering a Droid X stuck at the Motorola Logo

One of our Droid X phone's had a problem yesterday, where it wouldn't respond to anything.  On shutdown/reboot, it got stuck at the red Motorola logo and wouldn't move past it...even after being on the charger for 10 hours.  I started looking closely at the phone, and noticed that the buttons along the bottom didn't feel like they were 'clicking' when pressed...they gave no response at all, like they were part of the case instead.  I started 'flicking' at the edge of the buttons with my fingernail, and got them to pop back into place.  I'm not sure if they were stuck down (maybe by a spill onto the phone), or if someone crushed the phone and broke them down, but the phone booted just fine after this little 'fix'.  Time will tell if it is a permanent solution, or if it just bought us a chance to get files off it...

2011-08-27, 06:08 am

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